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The This and That sale was a big success!

The "This and That sale" was a huge success this spring, thank you to all who contributed either with donations or with your time; THANK YOU!!!

Our This and That Sale was a hit again! We raised $1,466 Yay!! It was a little less than last year’s spring sale, but it’s still a blessing-God is good, all the time!!  Thank you to all who donated the items, those who volunteered to set up , sell, and clean up and those who shopped . The week long preparation up to the day of sale was so exhausting, but yet we all had fun and who did not? There were a lot of bargain, finding unique things- both new and old treasures , parishioners we met ( so wonderful to know more parishioners each time), a lot of food to eat (for volunteers to give them energy) and seeing the youth work and bond with each other is one of my utmost satisfaction.  Thank you to all the volunteers: Mrs. Kara Perro, Ms. Gloria, Mrs. Amity Sowash and her children Vivian and Vincent,  Mr & Mrs. Richard and Vickie Lamparski, Mrs. Ester Lopez, Mrs. Kathi Luzader,  Mrs. Peggy Overbaugh, Ms. Paula Campbell,  Ms. Angela Zappale,  Mrs. Debbie Marlin and daughter Jade, Mrs. Virgie Gagne,  Mrs. Cathi Kessel and daughter Christina, Mrs. Judy Licari and son Michael, Ms. Terry Jackson, Sabrina Tonello, Armani Figueroa, Ivan Casamayor,  sisters Giada and Zelinda Giambanco, Ms. Janet Kaprinski, Mrs. Jeyra Bajala, Ms. Julie Toske, Mrs. Gwen Roth, Mrs. Angela Layow and daughter Keela, Ms. Jean B. and Mrs. Barbara Cichocki and son Wayne. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You are the best!!

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